Wednesday, 31 May 2017

10 Products that are Widely Used in Packaging Industry

Packaging items are required in our daily lives in one way or the other. For instance, envelops are required for keeping and sending important papers and documents, cardboard boxes are needed for packing while shifting, and bubble wraps are used for padding delicate and sensitive items.

Mentioned below are 10 products, which are used widely in the packaging industry:

1- Jiffy Bubble Envelopes: -

It is evident from the names of envelopes that they are padded inside with bubbles. Delicate items like CDs etc can be put in these jiffy bubble envelopes and sent from one place to another without the fear of the CD breaking. The bubbles take the pressure and protect the packed item.

2- Envelopes - Standard White: -
Standard white envelopes are used extensively for packing important documents and papers. Such envelopes are available in varying sizes and you can buy the one that meets your needs best. Seal the mouth of envelope and they are ready to be dispatched.

3- Furniture Covers: -
The moving and packing industry uses furniture cover extensively. These are mainly used for covering furniture when they need to be moved from one place to another for shifting. Furniture covers help in providing protection against scratches and marks while shifting.

4- Grip Seal Bags: -
Grip seal plastic bags are greatly used in offices, retail industry and for other places. While some grip seal bags are plain polythene bags; some of them come with labeling options. Colour assorted grip seal bags are also available for varied usage.

5- Industrial & Office Supplies: -
Industrial and office supplies come in many varieties right from refuse sacks to plastics, from bleach to dustbin liners, from office chairs to centre feed rolls and so on.

6- Labels -A4 Sheets: -
High quality A4 label sheets are among the most important products that are high in demands and used in the packaging industry. Complete range of sheets is available and one can buy as per needs. The labels have good quality backing paper, which means that they are great for printers as there are no chances of them getting stuck inside.

7- Loose Fill / Air Bags: -
Loose fill / air bags act as cushioning for delicate and fragile materials. Loose fill packing peanuts are great for filling up empty spaces in a packaging and make the packing secured. Pre inflated air bags and air pillows are also used for the same purpose.

8- Mailing Bags: -
Mailing bags or postal bags are extensively used in courier, when some items need to be packed and sent to some distant place. Many e-commerce stores are also using mailing bags for parceling the ordered goods. Documents can be sent in these bags as they are waterproof and oil proof. They come in different sizes with seal slip and re-sealable peel.

9- Pallet Strapping & Warehouse Tools: -
Both pallet strapping and warehouse tools are used extensively in the packaging industry. Polypropylene and steel strapping coils are the most popular options available; while various kinds of strapping and warehouse tools are also available.

10- Paper Bags: -
Demands of paper bags are increasing in the market as people are more into renewable and Eco-friendly materials. While some paper bags come with handles; some come without them. The sizes and styles of paper bags also vary from one another. Right from garments to grocery, everything can be carried in the paper bags.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

10 Types of Packaging Materials You Should Use [Infographic]

We all need packaging to protect important items, goods, files or folders etc. for storage, delivery or sale. There are many types of packaging materials used in day to day activities. In this Infographic, we have covered some uses of packaging products such as bubble wraps, plastic carrier bags, board back envelops, jiffy foam rolls etc. are shown.

10 Types of Packaging Materials You Should Use [Infographic]

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Different Uses of Bubble Wrap

While packing something or while receiving the most important thing that strikes the mind first is a bubble wrap. It is a pliable transparent material made up of plastic with its spud, air-filled hemispheres or bubbles that provide cushioning for fragile item’s keeping them safe.

Bubble wrap is often formed from polyethylene (LDPE) with a lower permeation barrier film to allow longer useful life and resistance.

Sometimes people use it as a source of amusement as it makes a popping sound when compressed and ruptured. But many are still unknown about the ways that a bubble wrap can be useful. So we bring you some interesting usage of the bubble wraps that often people take as a “good for nothing” material.

1- Insulate Drafty Windows: -

A best way to keep your home warm and chill free this winter is using bubble wraps. Stick the wrap onto the window using water and keep the flat side facing you.

2- Protect Walls: -

To protect your doors to hit the wall, that leaves a mark, it is a good solution to it by covering that part by bubble wrap. This will help in preventing the door from hitting the wall and keep the wall safe and stain free.

3- Protect Your Car Windshield in the Winter: -

In the snowy and wintery nights when the weather gets cold the most irritating thing that one have to do in the morning is washing the windshield. To get of it place a bubble wrap, before the storm, on it will prevent the frost formation.

4- Hold the Shape of Hand Bags and Purses: -

You can protect your less used bag to form degrading from its shape by wrapping it up with a bubble wrap. In this way you can protect your lovely and fashionable purses and use them whenever you want.

5- Use as Sleeping bag Padding: -

It can be used as sleeping bag padding by placing some bubble wrap under your sleeping bag and forget about those expensive pads.

6- Protect Plants: -

You can keep your plants safe from the winter frost by wrapping bubble wrap on the container, which will keep the soil warm all the winter, protecting it from freezing in the chill.

7- Protect Delicate Produce: -

Delicate products like peaches, pears and tomatoes by lining the container with bubble wrap.

8- Keep Groceries Cold: -

To insulate the food use bubble wrap to line a reusable grocery bag.

9- Keep Your Drink Cold or Warm in the Car: -

The best way to keep your drink insulated, wrap your cars cup holder using a Bubble wrap.

10- Travel with Perishable Foods: -

To keep your food insulated and prevent them from spoiling, use a bubble wrap and wrap it around the container. It will not only keep your food fresh but also keep it warm.

People know a less about the usage of bubble wrap, that a small amusement thing can be used as an important thing as a protection. The above mentioned usages are some common use of bubble wrap that will help you in your day to day life. So now you know that this small thing that you discard as a waste can prevent your accessories from many different things.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Why biodegradable document enclosed wallets are good to use?

There are times when important documents need to be sent from one place to another via courier services or otherwise. There are chances that the parcel gets wet in rains or some other kind of unwanted pressure is inflicted on the same causing damage to the exteriors of the parcel. You might also have seen that many E-commerce websites send the invoices in a separately sealed plastic packet and these are attached to the main parcel externally. These sealed packets are actually called document enclosed wallets and these offer extremely safe storage of important documents like invoices during transit. There are many companies which manufacture these kinds of packaging supplies for commercial purposes. Packaging Express needs special mention.

Advantages of Document Enclosed Wallets

Why buying document enclosed wallets from Packaging Express is a great idea?

We, at Packaging Express, are leading supplier of biodegradable, high-quality document enclosed wallets in the market. Whether you are looking for plain or printed document wallets, we have all varieties in store just for your needs. Moreover, we manufacture these packaging items in various sizes as we know the sizes of documents vary. Therefore there will be need and demand of suitable wallets. It makes no sense if a small invoice is sent in a large document wallet.
Documents Enclosed

These wallets can be fixed directly on the parcel boxes. As a result, there is high professional look on the item. Sometimes invoices and challans need to be furnished during transit. With such excellent packaging, invoices can be checked from outside and there is no need to open the whole parcel for the same.

We, at Packaging Express are highly concerned about the environment. We ensure that all the products that we manufacture and sell are Eco-friendly in nature and biodegradable at the same time. Disposing off these document wallets will not cause any harm to the environment and it will be decomposed easily. The process of decomposition begins when the wallets come in direct contact of sunlight. So if you are planning to reuse these wallets, make sure that you store them in a dark and cool place so that there is no scope of the sun-rays reaching there.

Document enclosed wallets – high in demands in E-commerce industry

The greatest demands of document wallets are seen in the E-commerce industry today. Previously, the invoices of the items that were parceled remained inside the boxes. But now they are put inside the enclosed wallets and affixed on the main box. The packaging item is made from biodegradable materials and keeps the invoice safe from natural forces. We have been supplying these wallets to various E-commerce businesses since a long time. And with passing time, their demands are increasing constantly too. We at Packaging Express try to meet the requirements of our clients and customers in the best way possible.

High quality packaging materials at affordable costs with Packaging Express

At Packaging Express, we make sure that the best quality material is supplied to our clients and customers. We take bulk orders too and have successfully met deadlines in delivering the orders. Another thing that makes us different from other packaging material suppliers is our costing. Compare our charges to other suppliers and you will understand the difference well. We are dedicated to providing the best services to our clients so that both the businesses – ours and theirs can prosper well.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Benefits of using Plastic Carrier Bags

With all the talks about plastics being bad for the environment, it’s also easy to overlook the benefits that they offer. Though the ecological drawbacks are true, the use of plastics can also be beneficial for consumers, retailers and even the environment. At present, more than 500 billion plastic bags are produced every year. That’s a lot of bags but compared to paper bags (a supposedly environment friendly counterpart), they also help save so much. Recycled and reused in the right ways, plastic bags can be a huge advantage to the environment. After all, paper bags come when you put down a tree and that isn’t too environment friendly either!

Here are the advantages we enjoy with plastic carrier bags:

  • Packaging / shipping

Plastic carrier bags are probably the lightest option when it comes to packing goods. With alternatives, you will always rely on bulky cardboard boxes, envelopes and other wasteful means. Further, plastics for packaging come in several thicknesses and densities and are also more permeable and durable than paper counterparts. Being waterproof and chemically resistant adds to the advantage. These in turn also keep the packaging/shipping costs down and have been the prime reason why manufacturers have favored them so long. Lastly, plastic bags are lighter and are easily stored in compact rolls which are not the case with cardboards of other paper/organic alternatives.

  • Recyclable

One of the biggest advantages with plastic bags is their ability to be recycled. The carbon footprint that one use of a plastic carrier bag generates is three times the use of a similar sized paper bag. However, we seem to ignore the fact that the same plastic bag can be used multiple times while a paper bag is mostly for single use – thus turning the tables. Secondly, plastic bags use a lot less energy to be produced than paper counterparts, making them a logical choice. If you have experienced your paper bag takeaway bottoming out, you might as well know the advantages with plastic carrier bags.

Another popularly presented alternative to plastic bags are cotton/jute carrier bags. However, did you even think how much more energy it would consume to produce one cotton/jute bag? Also take into consideration the energy that would be used in regularly washing, cleaning and drying a cotton bag. If you could use the same plastic bags for far less number of trips to the market, you would have saved the environment much more!

  • Cheaper

Compared to any kind of alternative, a plastic bag is cheaper to manufacture and use. This has also been the reason why they have become so popular across the globe, even in remote places, as a means of packaging and carriage.

  • Transparent

A strategic advantage of plastic carrier bag is its translucent property. You always know and see what you are carrying inside. In the retail market, especially with local shops, this is a huge advantage. In some case, you can judge the quality of a product just by seeing it. With other alternatives, you would have to tear open the packet to know that you were sold a rotten or broken product.

The only thing that we, as consumers and seller shave to ensure is that plastic carrier bags have to be used judiciously. The problem arises when we don’t follow proper disposal methods with plastic bags. It is then it becomes a hazard to the environment. As long as we care to reuse and recycle our plastic bags, it would be the most convenient and logical choice.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Different types of Packaging Materials you should use

Packaging is the technique of protecting goods or products for use, sale, carry or distribution. To keep any product safe from damage or breaking, we need packing it properly. Packaging also keeps your products free from dust, smoke and rawness.

To package any product, you need different kinds packaging materials depending on the size, weight & type of the product. Now, we will discuss about some packaging materials that you should use:-

  • Moving house boxes:-

Boxes for moving house are durable in nature. These are generally used to transport light as well as heavy products and ideal for shipping. Moving house boxes are perfect for home (or office) removals. You can also use them for holding items in storage.

  • Papers:-

There are mainly 4 types of papers are used to package any product like acid free tissue papers, newspaper offcuts, grease-proof packing paper and A4 printing paper. These papers are thick and used for wrapping items such as delicate kitchenware, crockery, cutlery etc.

  • Grip seal bags:-
Grip seal bags are used in retail, office, police evidence etc. Due to their diverse use, they are popular. They are reusable so after using once, you can also use them twice or thrice or many times.

  • Document enclosed wallets
Documents enclosed wallets are widely used in the offices and industries. They are best to enclose documents in pallets or parcels. They are available in plain versions and printed versions. Their sizes vary between the ranges from A4 to A7.

  • Postal tubes:-
When you send posters, artwork, urgent documents, calendar, charts or paintings, you need postal tubes. These tubes are resistant and durable. These packaging materials are 100% recycled. They prevent your documents from getting creased.


There are thousands of packaging materials but these 5 are the most common packaging materials everyone uses for different purposes.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Everything you need to know about Mailing Bags

E-commerce and online shopping is taking the world by storm. People are ordering products while sitting at home, from their office or on the move. The ordered goods are delivered at the doorstep of the provided address. Payments can also be made in the online mode so there are no hassles of cash transactions too. With a boom in online shopping, demands of mailing bags have increased in the market as most of the products are packed and sent in these bags. These bags are available in wide varieties and have become a convenient material for product packaging.

Different kinds of mailing bags commonly available and used in the market:

  • For enclosed documents

Important documents often need to be sent from one place to another and for this using mail bags is the best option. It is obvious that you would not want that the important documents be visible from outside, so the bag should have a dark coating inside so that the inside items are not visible. Some of these bags also have a separate wallet kind of system where the important documents can be tucked along with other items in the parcel.

  • Opaque bags

While sending a parcel or while ordering a product, you would want the item to remain concealed from public eye. And this is where opaque bags come into help. There are different colors in which opaque bags are available. Standard opaque mailing bags come in co-ex film and the exteriors are completely black so that it is 100% opaque. Only one side of the bag is printed in white where the address and other details can be written prominently.

  • Security mailers

If you are looking to send extremely confidential and valuable documents via mail, using security mailers is highly recommended. Documents like solicitor papers, property papers, medical records, exam papers etc are extremely important. There might be chances of tampering these documents and hence sending them with full protection is imperative. There are ‘tamper proof’ bags available for packaging these kinds of documents so that they reach the destination in undamaged and unhampered condition.

  • Heavy duty mailing bags

Kinds of products that are packed in these bags vary from one another. While some items might be lightweight; some might be quite heavy. For sending products that are large in size and heavy at the same time, heavy duty bags are needed so that no damage is inflicted on the product while in transit. These bags are super thick for providing extra strength and durability. Items can be shipped overseas too with this kind of sturdy packaging with no damage to the items inside the package.

  • Handled bags

Mailing bags with handles are becoming extremely popular with people for their ease of holding and carrying. The costing of manufacturing this packaging material is definitely more when compared to other mailing bags, but they are being preferred by people now. These materials are mainly required in places where the goods are delivered to a store from where customers will buy them directly. Consumers can carry the bags easily when there is a handle in it.

There are many online stores from where you can purchase best quality mailing bags at the most affordable rates. Browse through the various options to find the best store offering the most suitable rates for the products.