Tuesday, 3 October 2017

5 Advantages of Corrugated Packaging

Adhering to environmental sustainability has become an integral part of any business today. This alliance with eco-friendliness helps in creating a great brand identity for the business to the outside world. People are also becoming highly conscious regarding using environment-friendly items and hence demands of such products are increasing rapidly globally. The packaging industry is also highly affected by this eco-friendly wave and using such materials for product packaging.
In an attempt to create environmental friendly packaging, corrugated paper and cardboard are being used extensively. Mentioned below are 5 advantages of using corrugated packaging:

1.      Such packaging is recyclable in nature 
      When you are talking of recyclable materials, corrugated cardboard need special mention for sure. There is a ‘ripple effect’ in recycling and this reduces the energy required for making a new material from the old one. While some card boards are made from 100% recycled materials; others are made from 70%-90% recycled material. No bleaches or dyes are used in the making of corrugated packaging, thus increasing recyclability. Environmental footprint is reduced greatly with such materials.

2.      Renewable materials are used in corrugated packaging 
      Mainly birch tree or pine pulp is used in the making of corrugated packaging. Sometimes great percentage of recycles content is also used in the making of the products. When compared to hardwood trees, birch and pine trees grow fast and are abundantly available. These trees are harvested sustainably in managed forests for creating corrugated packaging.

3.       Creating corrugated packaging is energy efficient  
       Since mainly recycled materials are used in the making of corrugated packaging, the amount of energy needed for the same is low. Generally local materials are used in the making of corrugated packaging items and therefore expenses of transportation and other associated costs are also reduced. The total manufacturing expense is reduced with corrugated packaging.

4.       Corrugated packaging is reusable in nature 
      Reusing an item again and again is helpful when seen from the perspective of eco-friendliness or costing. For instance, corrugated cardboard boxes are created with flexible corners. After used once, the boxes can be collapsed and then again reshaped to be used. Before recycling, the box can be used couple of times. There are many companies, which follow this rule and smartly use reused cardboard boxes.

5.       Corrugated packaging proves to be highly efficient for product protection

      When eco-friendliness is the main concern of the business, it will try and avoid the production of the product in the first place. This is even better than recycling the product. There are various kinds of innovative and interesting designs for product packaging. Using these can help in eliminating use of excess materials while offering greater or equal structural power and strength along with product protection.

Companies manufacturing and selling corrugated packaging products
With increasing demands of corrugated and eco-friendly packaging materials, more and more companies are looking forward to manufacture such items. Along with being available in general stores, such materials are also available in various online stores, which deal with various kinds of packaging materials.

Browse through the internet to find the perfect online store for purchasing these products. Read through the product descriptions closely and understand the materials used in making them and other details. Usually such products can be purchased in bulk from the stores at discounted rates. Just ensure that you read through the terms and conditions carefully before placing orders. 

Monday, 4 September 2017

What are Different Kinds of Removal Boxes for Moving House?

Moving house is a task that needs lots of planning and hard work. There are various kinds of things that need to be moved while shifting a house. To ensure that all the items reach safely to the destination, proper packaging needs to be done. The best packaging item that is used in house moving is none other than removal boxes. Available in different sizes and shapes and designs, these boxes can help in packaging almost any item under the sun. 

Mentioned below are some common varieties of cardboard boxes that are used for shifting a house:

1. Single Wall Boxes

It is evident from the name of the boxes that these have single walls and are suitable for packing lightweight items. Available in different sizes, these boxes are readily available and are great for shipping, warehouse and lightweight packing use. 

2. Double Wall Boxes

In double walled boxes, there is additional cardboard support on the walls so that the boxes become stronger. These boxes are great for packaging heavy items. These are extensively used in the removal industry, warehousing etc.

3. Wardrobe Boxes 

Shift your whole wardrobe to the new place in wardrobe boxes. These boxes are exclusively designed for carrying your wardrobe without inflicting a crease on the garments. Some garments like suits etc can be hung from the hangers in the box; while others can be folded and arranged and kept in the box.

4. Book Wrap / Mail Ready Packs

Mail ready packs and book wraps are great for packing books and other stationery items. CDs, DVDs, catalogues etc can be packed in the mail ready envelops and even be couriered. The book wraps can be modified as per use and are available in variable sizes as well. 

5. Golf Club Boxes

Worried as how to pack your favorite golf clubs and take them to your new house? You can use golf club boxes for the same as they are particularly designed for the purpose. Place the golf clubs inside the box and seal it well. 

6. BDC Stock Boxes 0201

These boxes are mainly used in the retail industry for packing garments, cloth etc. They are also used in mail order industries. They act as excellent moving house boxes as they are strong. They come in single wall as well as double walled versions. 

7. Printers Ream Boxes 

Carry your printer safely to the new destination in printer ream boxes. These boxes are available in cardboard and plastic variants. The boxes are available in different sizes – from A4 to A5 sizes. 

8. Made To Measure Boxes

These are bespoke boxes, which can be modified as per requirement. The boxes can be folded in different styles and shapes and items with different shapes can be packed in these boxes conveniently.  

9. Pallet boxes

Pallet boxes are used for bulk packaging or for shipping extremely heavy items. Additional support is provided in these boxes so that they can be moved from one place to another conveniently. Customized pallet boxes are also available.   

10. Picture pack boxes with EPS corners 

Pack your beautiful picture frames in picture pack boxes. The corners of the frame are protected with EPS corners and then the whole frame is put in the boxes. These boxes come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate various kinds of picture frames. 

With such varieties of packing boxes, your home shifting will become an easy job.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Packaging Machinery: Machines & Tools for Packing Items [Infographic]

Packaging machinery (machines and tools) are used for packing your items. There are many types of machines are used in the packaging industry for different purposes. Semi-automatic strapping machine TMS300, gummed paper tape machine BP500, cardboard waste machine Ecopax CP316S2, tape guns etc. are mostly used machines. In this Infographic, you will find mostly used packaging machines and tools with their uses.

packaging machinery infographic

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Tools and Machines that are Used for Pallet Strapping

Pallets, also known as skids, are flat structures which are used in transportation and these support goods in a stable manner while they are being lifted by a crane, front loader or some other kind of device. It has been seen that shipping containers and goods are commonly placed on a pallet and then secured with some kind of strong strapping so that the items remain safe together and do not fall off or come off. In modern days cardboard boxes are used extensively for packing things and transporting from one place to another and these have to be strapped efficiently.

For pallet strapping specific tools and equipments are needed so that the process of strapping is full proof and goods do not start falling down in the transit. Mentioned below are some essential tools and equipments that making strapping work simple and convenient:

pallet strapping tools machines

  • Steel strapping coils:

steel strapping coil

Steel strapping coils are quite important tools which are used in pallet strapping. Special steel strapping tools have to be used for the purpose. These coils are available in varying weights and widths. Choose the one that matches well with your strapping requirements.

  • Strapping seals and buckles:
strapping seals and buckles
Good quality strapping seals and buckles are high in demands for strapping goods well. 12 mm is the standard dimension of the metal seals and these are readily used for strapping. Apart from this variety, there are other varieties available as well and those might be used for different kinds of businesses.

  • Heavy duty tensioner:
heavy duty tensioner

Among different kinds of strapping tools and equipments, heavy duty tensioner needs special mention. The 12 mm hand pallet heavy duty tensioner is to be used with 12 mm hand pallet strapping coils. To make the strapping full proof, it is recommended to use semi open metal seals of 12 mm dimension with the tensioner and the coils.

  • Heavy duty sealer:

heavy duty sealer
Heavy duty sealer tool is used extensively for pallet strapping. Used for industrial and business purposes, these sealers are available in varying dimensions, though the 12 mm dimension is the most common one. For better grip, the ends of the sealers have plastic coatings.

  • Safety cutters:

safety cutter for steel strapping

Once the goods and products are properly sealed with strapping and transported to a new place, they have to be unstrapped as well. And for that it is important to have the right kinds of cutters so that the straps can be cut easily without putting in extra efforts. Steel strapping will definitely need special cutters.

  • Heavy duty strapping stand:

heavy duty strapping stand

Strapping stand is needed when large numbers of items need to be strapped. In these stands, there are provisions of carrying the strapping coil and unwinding the same. The stand provides ease of strapping to users and work gets done in a faster manner with such strapping equipments.

Investing in different kinds of strapping tools and equipments

Whatever be the kind of strapping machine, tool or equipment you need, it can be purchased from online as well as offline sources. There are many online stores, which deal with such products. Infact it is also possible to place bulk orders for such products at the stores and get them delivered right at your doorstep without any additional costs. Just ensure that the online store you choose is a trusted and reputed one.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cardboard Boxes [Infographic]

Everyone knows that cardboard boxes are mostly used material in the packaging industry. It has many uses to pack & safe items in moving or storing. Due to so many uses of these boxes, here are various advantages of them. But few of us don’t know they have some disadvantages also. To know different advantages as well as disadvantages of cardboard boxes, have a look at this Infographic.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cardboard Boxes

Monday, 3 July 2017

Different Types of Tapes to Use while Packaging

For a packaging to be strong and tough, it is important that it is fastened well. And for that fastening tapes are needed. There are different kinds of packaging tapes available and they serve various purposes. Some of the most common and important varieties include:

1. Colored Low Noise Tapes

Coloured low noise packing tapes are available in transparent form as well as in brown color. This variety of tape is commonly used in various kinds of businesses and provides extra strength and adhesion. These tapes match international standards and with the low noise glue they are used extensively by manufacturers, dispatch facilities etc.

2. Polyprop Standard Tapes

Polyprop standard tapes are available in clear and brown varieties. The come in widths of 1 and 2 inches. They are used for general packing and in everyday use. These tapes are quite strong and tough and can endure test of time well. This variety of tape is also affordable when compared to other kinds of tapes.

3. Printed Tapes - Low Noise

You will see that printed low noise tapes are used in many places. These tapes are excellent for sending out warning signals. Usually these tapes are wide and have the message printed on one side and the other side has the glue. Such tapes with ‘FRAGILE’ written in all capitals are also affixed on fragile items being sent via courier.

4. Vinyl Tapes

Vinyl tapes are regarded as the strongest packaging tapes available in the market. It is evident from the name that the tapes are made from vinyl, thus they have extra strength. The adhesive used in these tapes are quite strong and they can keep boxes taped for months without any kind of damage. These tapes are available in clear and brown color options.

5. Masking Tapes

Masking tapes are used for various kinds of general purposes. However, if you want to know the real use of these tapes, you have to check the construction industry and visit the various construction sites. Such tapes are commonly seen in these places. These tapes are mainly available in yellow color.

6. Crossweave Tapes

If you are looking for the strongest tapes available in the market, you cannot go wrong with crossweave packing tapes. These are kinds of reinforced tapes which contain glass fiber filaments. As a result, these tapes are resistant from tearing and bursting. These tapes are used for fastening boxes with heavy goods or reinforced boxes. These tapes also have great grips and will maintain so for years. The best thing is that these tapes can be used on all kinds of surfaces.

7. Double Sided Tapes

It is evident from the name of the tape that there is adhesive on both sides of the tape. Therefore the tape can be used from either side. Double sided tapes are extensively used in the construction and in printing industry and are quite popular there. Usually double sided tapes are transparent and clear.

8. Kraft Paper Tapes

The biggest advantage of using Kraft paper tapes is that it is highly environmental friendly in nature. These tapes are 100% biodegradable. These tapes are of high quality and the adhesive used in the same is also of good quality. As a result, the pricing of these tapes is higher when compared to the other varieties.

9. Duct Tapes (Gaffa Tapes)

Popularly known as Gaffa tape, duct tape is one of the strongest varieties of adhesive tapes available in the market. However, these tapes are mainly seen in applicational usage. They are not suitable as packaging tape but can be used for many other purposes successfully.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

10 Products that are Widely Used in Packaging Industry

Packaging items are required in our daily lives in one way or the other. For instance, envelops are required for keeping and sending important papers and documents, cardboard boxes are needed for packing while shifting, and bubble wraps are used for padding delicate and sensitive items.

Mentioned below are 10 products, which are used widely in the packaging industry:

1- Jiffy Bubble Envelopes: -

It is evident from the names of envelopes that they are padded inside with bubbles. Delicate items like CDs etc can be put in these jiffy bubble envelopes and sent from one place to another without the fear of the CD breaking. The bubbles take the pressure and protect the packed item.

2- Envelopes - Standard White: -
Standard white envelopes are used extensively for packing important documents and papers. Such envelopes are available in varying sizes and you can buy the one that meets your needs best. Seal the mouth of envelope and they are ready to be dispatched.

3- Furniture Covers: -
The moving and packing industry uses furniture cover extensively. These are mainly used for covering furniture when they need to be moved from one place to another for shifting. Furniture covers help in providing protection against scratches and marks while shifting.

4- Grip Seal Bags: -
Grip seal plastic bags are greatly used in offices, retail industry and for other places. While some grip seal bags are plain polythene bags; some of them come with labeling options. Colour assorted grip seal bags are also available for varied usage.

5- Industrial & Office Supplies: -
Industrial and office supplies come in many varieties right from refuse sacks to plastics, from bleach to dustbin liners, from office chairs to centre feed rolls and so on.

6- Labels -A4 Sheets: -
High quality A4 label sheets are among the most important products that are high in demands and used in the packaging industry. Complete range of sheets is available and one can buy as per needs. The labels have good quality backing paper, which means that they are great for printers as there are no chances of them getting stuck inside.

7- Loose Fill / Air Bags: -
Loose fill / air bags act as cushioning for delicate and fragile materials. Loose fill packing peanuts are great for filling up empty spaces in a packaging and make the packing secured. Pre inflated air bags and air pillows are also used for the same purpose.

8- Mailing Bags: -
Mailing bags or postal bags are extensively used in courier, when some items need to be packed and sent to some distant place. Many e-commerce stores are also using mailing bags for parceling the ordered goods. Documents can be sent in these bags as they are waterproof and oil proof. They come in different sizes with seal slip and re-sealable peel.

9- Pallet Strapping & Warehouse Tools: -
Both pallet strapping and warehouse tools are used extensively in the packaging industry. Polypropylene and steel strapping coils are the most popular options available; while various kinds of strapping and warehouse tools are also available.

10- Paper Bags: -
Demands of paper bags are increasing in the market as people are more into renewable and Eco-friendly materials. While some paper bags come with handles; some come without them. The sizes and styles of paper bags also vary from one another. Right from garments to grocery, everything can be carried in the paper bags.