Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Creative Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes

We all have those numerous cardboard boxes dumped somewhere in our home that came with some packaging and now just gathering dusts. Either that or we just throw them away or may be recycling them which in turn will end up in dump. But with bringing little bit of creativity into action we can use these cardboard boxes to make something beautiful and useful.

Cardboard boxes come in various sizes and using them you can make many household usable or something to décor. If you have kids in house then these boxes are source of various creative activities for them. Here we have shared some interesting and beautiful reuse of cardboard boxes that easy DIY projects. 

Play Projects for Kids
Cardboard boxes are best for setting up of castles and small world that you can use for storytelling. It is an interesting way to engage your kid and improve her creativity. Along with these you can make shape-sorter and other play things for toddlers.

Beautiful Plant Boxes
You can use your old shoe cartoon to grow beautiful plants in them by lining it with a plastic bag and some tiny holes in the bottom. You can decorate this box with vibrant colors and anything as far as your creativity goes.

Small Cut outs for Coasters and Tags
You can cut out those useless cardboard moving boxes into circular pieces and decorate them with patterns and colors to make beautiful coasters for your cups. Your guests are sure to appreciate these efforts. 

You can also cut out these boxes into the shapes of colorful price tags and use them to tag thing in your cupboard and wardrobe. It is a easy way to label things and use them as bookmarkers with your favorite character designs.

Cover Up Weeds
This is a unique solution if you are tormented by unwanted weeds in your backyard. Use some cardboard to lay over the areas with weed. As cardboard is compostable it will get soaked quite well and then cover it up with soil and you are all good with weed.

Magazine Storage
You can use those discarded cereal boxes to create beautiful magazine stands by cutting them in variable sizes. Color them over or use those used gift wrappers to wrap the magazine stand and voila! You have a gorgeous magazine stand to show off.

Party Décor Items
Cut out those cardboard into various shapes of flowers stars and anything you like. Put them together in a string and paint them with vibrant colors. You have your own DIY décor items that your guests will love for your and applause you as well.

Photo Frames
This DIY item is so beautiful and addictive that people buy cardboard boxes to make them. Use cardboards to make photo frames and decorate them with fabrics, laces or some paints and shimmers. These will look gorgeous on your walls..

There endless ideas to build up something with waste materials and cardboard boxes are the flexible one of all. You can make use of them as wild as your creativity goes and let people amazed with your DIY talents. Get inspired from these ideas and enjoy crafting!

Friday, 26 August 2016

Packing and Moving Artwork, Pictures & Frames

Shifting and moving a place is an arduous job and needs lots of planning and care. While some things are easy and convenient to pack and move, others require delicate handling. If you have artwork, large picture frames and similar items that need to be moved, you must know the techniques that should be applied for packing them. General packing might lead to chipped and cracked frames or broken glasses in the painting. You would definitely not want the paintings and the artwork to suffer and for that using the right kinds of packaging materials is absolutely necessary. Usually the frame needs separate packing and it is the most damage prone area in the artwork or painting.

Packing Framed Prints or Artwork
Many people love to have pictures printed and have them framed to be hung from walls or kept on a corner table. In-fact some such images can be quite large and need careful packing while shifting from one place to another. To move such images, packing boxes can be used. Pack the bottom of the boxes with newspaper so that a kind of cushioning is formed. For packing the frame, using bubble wrap is a great idea. If that is not available padded cardboard also works well as heavy cushioning is formed by the same. Even in case of direct impact on the frame, there are no chances of damage to the frame. Once the frame is provided with due protection put the image into the box. If there is space in between, stuff old newspapers to that the image cannot move inside the box during transit. Use high quality tape for closing the box. Don’t forget to mark the box as ‘fragile-art work’.

Packing Paintings
The style of packing paintings will depend on the kind of painting that is being packed. If there is glass framing for the painting, it is important to provide additional protection to the same. First and foremost put a masking tape all across the painting in ‘X’ shape. This will keep the glass pieces in place if the glass breaks during transportation. Use bubble wrap for covering the main canvas and use tapes for fixing them at the sides so that they do not open by any chance. Slim cardboard boxes are available, which are exclusively made for packing paintings and images and frames. Use these for packing such items to remain safe from breakage. If the frame is too delicate, try packing it is two boxes, one inside the other. Also stuff newspapers and other materials for cushioning so that direct pressure does not come on the frame or the painting in any way.

Choosing Plastic Coating for The Paintings and Other Artwork
During the packing and shifting process, it might happen that the frame or the glass develops some kinds of scratches or marks, which are difficult to remove. To protect from such events, try adding a plastic coating on the surface of the painting and on the glass so that it is safe from scratches and other marks. This packing should be tight and see that the plastic coating does not become tangled and bunched. Wrapping the entire painting and artwork surface once is more than enough.

With such precautions and packaging materials, there is no risk of transporting your delicate paintings and artwork from one place to another. 

Friday, 22 July 2016

How to Make Product Packaging More Branded

Today, more or less all businesses put extreme importance on the packaging techniques as well as technologies. Good packaging enhances customers experience with purchasing products from a particular ecommerce store. On the other hand, for safest product shipping, packaging process has to be taken seriously. Along with all these things, there is another important factor, which is often ignored by the business houses. Good packaging can be meticulously used for effective business branding. In the following section of this piece of writing, we shall find some effectual tips for making product packaging more robust, simplified and brand oriented.

1. Custom Shipping Boxes
For effective business branding through meticulous packaging, you can consider using custom Packing Boxes UK. For example, when you buy product from the reputed ecommerce stores, like Amazon and others, you shall find that packing box comes with a large business logo of the ecommerce retailer. Custom boxes are nothing but simple boxes that come with provision for company logo printing on them. Instead of printing, you can also use stickers. The logo should be placed strategically and it must be visible. Size of logo could be big or medium so that it can have visibility from longer distances.

2. Custom Shipping Bags
Just like shipping boxes, you can also get custom shipping bags, which are ready with the provision of logo printing. Instead of using plastic bags, you should use environment friendly products, like jute bags, paper bags, etc. Creatively crafted bags are often used to clinch excellent impressions from the customers. Nicely crafted bags get more attention than normal stuffs, and hence, they can be used meticulous tools for highlighting your business name or brand or logo. For attaining high end business exposure, such tricks are always encouraged.

3. Using Shipping Peanuts
Using biodegradable shipping peanuts for product packaging is a good idea, as it is a environment friendly decision that business owners can adopt to promote themselves as eco-friendly brands. For effective business branding, these small things make a lot of big differences. Such eco-friendly gestures are loved by customers, and they find the business to be more ethical, responsible and professional. Made with corn starch, these peanuts are designed to replace polystyrene. Unlike polystyrene, corn starch peanuts are completely bio-degradable and thus safe for the environment. Can you put your brand on these peanuts? Well, that’s not possible, and that would become a costly choice. It is just a way of promoting your brand as a eco-friendly brand that supports global green revolution.

4. Custom Shipping Tapes
You can use your brand name or business logo on the packing tapes. Different types of tapes are used for different kinds of product packaging. Add business logo on the tape to make it personalized. For Removal Boxes, the tapes will surely come into attention of people or purchasers. Thus, they play small yet significant role in business branding. You can get colorized logo or monotone logo on the packaging tapes.

5. Monthly Mailer Boxes

Use business logo on the monthly mailer boxes so that your brand name of business logo can easily be visible to others. This is another creative way of using product packaging for business branding. Various other methods are there for effectual product packaging. To create brand exposure, you can get as much creative as possible with packaging or packing of products.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Tips to Select Right Packing Materials for Your Online Shipments

Online shopping has become quite a trend today. People can comfortably place orders online for almost all kinds of things by sitting at their home or from office – thanks to the innumerable e-commerce portals. Infact most of these portals also have their apps or mobile versions and so you can do your shopping on the go as well. The online shipments are parceled to the provided address in a short period of time. 

Safe transportation of the shipments 

Once the orders are placed on the e-commerce platform, the request goes out to the nearest warehouse where the items are physically present. They are then packed with suitable packaging materials and dispatched for delivery. The items are carefully packed with different kinds of packing goods so that no damage is inflected on them in any manner. Also if the item is delicate, mention is made of the same so that it is handled with extra care, while loading and unloading. 

Selection of the right materials for packaging for online shipments 

Online shipments can come from local warehouses, from warehouses in different states and cities as well as from international destinations. Therefore it is important to ensure that the right materials are chosen for packaging of the items. Mentioned below are some tips on selecting the best materials for packaging of online shipments:

High quality cardboard boxes–Many items need packaging in cardboard boxes. Ensure that such boxes are strong and durable. The boxes are available in different sizes as per the size of the item that needs packing. The boxes should be of premium quality and recyclable. 

Materials for filling up voids in the packing –Whatever be the kind of shipment you are handling, it is desirable that it is tight and compact. This is important so that the packed item does not get extra space for movement as that might lead to damage or breakage. Filling in the empty gaps in the package is the best thing that can be done. There are different materials which can be used for the purpose. They are:

Bubble wraps –Available in the form of large, medium and small bubbles, bubble wraps are excellent for filling up voids in a parcel. The length and widths of bubble wraps vary from one another and can be used as per requirement. When an item is wrapped with a bubble wrap the bubbles do not let the pressure come on the item directly and offer extra protection. 

Styrofoam peanuts –These are small round shaped Styrofoam balls which help in filling in voids in any parcel. Due to their small size they can reach to every small nook and corner of the parcel and provide complete cushioning. There are no chances of any kinds of damages from this packaging item. 

Tapes for fastening –Fastening the parcel well is very important for safe transportation and delivery. Different varieties of tapes are available in the market for packing parcels of varying sizes. 

Along with selecting the right kinds of materials for packaging, it is also vital to choose the right company for buying packaging supplies. Now such supplies can be bought from various online stores as well. Just choose the kinds of packaging items you want and their quantitiesand place order. The goods will be delivered at your doorstep. 

Friday, 27 May 2016

Cost Effective E-Commerce Packaging Ideas

Ecommerce business is booming all over the world. The ease of ordering from home and receiving the ordered thing packaged beautifully right at the door step is great value and trust building exercise for the ecommerce companies. Therefore, there are companies which try to gain some extra miles by personalizing the packaging and adding a human touch in a cost effective manner, yet balancing the beauty of packaging.  The fun of unwrapping layers of secured and beautiful packages gives a special feel of opening a gift to the customers.

Inexpensive and Safe Ecommerce Packaging Ideas:

Since, hundreds and thousands of orders need to be accomplished in a single day; complicated and stylized packaging differing form order to order can become a tedious and costly affair. The ecommerce companies are trying to standardize a few packaging materials like use of different size cardboard boxes for small and big orders. Some companies have also started using environmentally safe recycled plastic envelopes for small product deliveries. Safety of the product during delivery is catered with the help of secured packaging techniques. Primary packaging of the products is therefore, done in bubble wraps or plastic sheets. This reduces the chances of damage due to impact during accidental fall, movement, storage and transportation. The box in which the wrapped products are placed also is filled with peanuts or Styrofoam to fill the void space surrounding the product for extra protection. The customers always like to open the bubble foam wraps especially love to burst its air pockets. The customers acknowledge and appreciate the ecommerce companies which are extra cautious in terms of packaging efforts to deliver the products damage free.

Catering to Designing Dimension:

Designing of the packaging is another dimension which can be catered within a limited budget. Delivering the products in an attractive package always doubles the pleasure of unwrapping for the customers. Hence, simple variations in the lid openings are made in cardboard box packages to make it look fancy. Some ideas like detachable lids, opening from sides instead of top, packing a box within a bigger box make the packaging look amazing in a cost effective manner. The designing concepts also differ depending shape and size of the products to be delivered.

Economical Ways of Customization:

The company can leave a good and lasting impression in the eyes of the customers by personalizing the package. This does not mean adding to the cost in a major way. A little thank you note or even offering a small freebie can act like an indirect promotional strategy which makes the company reaches straight into the hearts of the customers. Such customized add-ons get an overwhelming response in the form of repeat purchases by the customers.  Customers also appreciate provision of a liberal return policy. Hence, the package must showcase the logo of the company and also the bill. This can aid the customers in case they need to return the products.    

Low Cost Eco-Friendly Means of Packaging:

Though cardboard is being used majorly as a means of packaging, this is threatening the environment with the dwindling number of trees. Hence, many companies are trying to be socially responsive by using low cost eco-friendly packaging materials like papers derived from animal dung, recycled plastic sheets and many such alternatives. 

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Tips for Book Packing while Moving

Book lovers love their books more than anything else. And that is true in every sense of the word! This is the reason many book lovers find shifting to be an extremely stressful job. The main concern of the person remains is whether the books will reach the destination in the perfect shape and manner.

Majority of books are flat. While some have hard back cover, some come in the form of paperbacks. The thickness of the books also varies from one another. But generally we do not think about packing books separately while moving. We tend to put the books in strong removal boxes and think we are done. But packing books is not that easy. Wrongly packed books might lead to various kinds of problems and cause accidental mess in the moving van. Some of the main problems that occur due to improper packing include bent spine of the books, formation of dog-eared corners in the books and worst of all ripped pages.

Book Wraps

Things needed for packing books while moving and shifting
If you are looking to pack your books in the best manner before shifting so that no damage is inflicted on the same, it is recommended to arrange these materials for packing first: 

·      Strong cardboard boxes – The cardboardboxes that are needed for packing books should be strong and tough to withstand the pressure of the books. Books are heavy, they really are!  The ideal size boxes should not be deeper than 16” and should be small. Boxes made of corrugated cardboard are the best choice as they offer additional strength. 

       Tape for fastening – Brown packing tape is the best thing to fasten these boxes tightly and securely. However, if these tapes come in contact with books, there are chances of damage to the books. This is the reason, many people use masking tape. It depends on your choice as which tape you want to use in packing books.

Tips on packing books in cardboard boxes for shifting 

1. Use packing paper or tissue paper for lining the cardboard boxes if you are looking to pack hard back books with attractive slip covers. The tissue papers prevent friction with the main box and let the book covers remain intact. 

2. Place the largest and the heaviest books right at the bottom of the box. This keeps the gravity down. Arranging the books is also easy via this process. 

3. Place the books in a flat manner. Do not start stacking the box from one side as the books might fall down owing to the heavy weight. Rather lay the books flat side by side. This will not only give proper balance, but it will also create more space. Sometimes, you have to make adjustments accordingly so that all the books can be accommodated comfortably. 

4. Do not leave gaps inside the books as that will lead to movement of the books while in transit. Fill up the gaps inside the box with newspaper. You can also use towels, clothes and lighting bedding materials for sealing the gaps. 

5. Never fill the box till the top. It is always recommended to keep a gap of minimum 1 inch on the top. 

6. Use packaging tape religiously for fastening the boxes in the best possible manner so that the items inside remain safe and protected. 

And lastly, label the boxes properly so that you don’t need to search them separately. Use high quality packing boxes UK for best results. 

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Advantage of Using Recycled Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Are you planning to shift your home or office? Well, this will involve moving of goods from one place to another. Whether you hire a moving and packing company or plan to do the shifting all on your own, you will need proper packaging materials for the same. Cardboard boxes are among the most popular packaging materials used as they can store many items in the same place and are strong and hardy at the same time. Cardboard packaging boxes come in different sizes and shapes. While some of the boxes are strong and durable, some are fragile to use. Depending on the kind of materials that need to be transferred, the variety of cardboard box is chosen. 

Recycled Cardboard Packing Boxes: 
Cardboard boxes are the most environment friendly packaging materials available in the industry. The two main constituents in the box include corrugated paper and liner boards. The liner boards used in the boxes provide required support to the container, while the corrugated papers prevent the entrance of moisture inside the packaging. Along with providing protection from moisture, the paper also helps in providing a cushioning effect on the materials inside the box. Using recycled cardboard packing boxes have shown to have many advantages – the biggest being it is environment friendly. 

Advantages of Using Recycled Packing Boxes: 
The numbers of benefits of using recycled packing boxes are many. Some of the most important ones include:

Created from renewable sources :– Paper pulp is the main material from which corrugated boxes are made. This pulp is obtained from birch and pine trees. The advantages of these trees are that they grow faster when compared to other varieties of hardwood trees. Also, these trees are available in abundance so obtaining the tree pulp is not that difficult. 

Helps in saving great deals of energy :– Cardboard removal boxes are recyclable in nature. The energy that is used in the manufacturing of these boxes is considerably less when compared to other packing materials. Made with locally available materials, there is considerable reduction in the transportation costs. On the whole, the volume of energy spent in making corrugated cardboard boxes is considerably less. 

Reusable :– This is probably the greatest advantage of using cardboard boxes for packaging. These boxes can be used again and again. The corners of these boxes are flexible and therefore the boxes can be easily collapsed when not in use. Once they become flat on collapsing, they occupy much less space and become easy on storing. Since the boxes can be reused, they help in saving good deals of money. Reusing also minimizes waste and the costing of waste management. 

Easy on disposal :– Recycled cardboard boxes are extremely nature friendly and are easily disposable. They decompose easily and do not leave behind any kind of waste or toxic substances on the ground causing some kind of pollution. Throwing away the boxes in the recyclable bin is also an option of disposing off the packing materials successfully without affecting the environment. 

Purchasing Packaging Materials From Reliable Sources:
Whether you are looking for recycled cardboard packing boxes or other natural packaging materials, ensure that you purchase them from trusted sources. There are many online as well as offline stores where such materials are available at the most affordable rates. You can also purchase the items in bulk as that proves to be cost effective as well.